The love for nature and especially for the mountain, being indeed climber for many years pushed the Agapios in November 1998 to create a friendly and accessible place where it can serve to equip and advise lovers of mountain activities, nature but also those who simply love the casual look.



Thus was born the "2917"!


A figure, a symbol since represents the highest peak in Greece.shop2


The desire of the founder of the company is the best possible customer service.
For this reason it has created tailored sites with fully qualified staff, so you can even the most demanding customer to find what he wants.

The goal of the shop is to identify totally with outdoor activities to be always up to date on developments in materials and techniques and provide the best services.

The development and success of the company is guaranteed, as 2917 is the most specialized outdoor store. Proof of all these are satisfied and loyal customers 2917 who enjoy a wide range of products and service of the highest quality.